My degree in Architecture from USC afforded me the concept development, problem solving, spacial, drawing, and modeling skills needed to succeed in the Themed Entertainment field. I inherited a ‘math brain’ from my Engineer Dad and also studied civil engineering. Drawing and painting have filled my soul since I was a kid. I’ve worked as a Set Designer and Production Designer for films and my forte is cinematic space. I love to meld my creative and analytical sides because art and science create magic together in attractions.

My career in Theme Parks began at American Scenic Design where I learned to design, draw, build, and manage Show Set packages. I worked for Phil Bloom, the 'Ride Guru' who helped design Forbidden Journey and Spiderman. Three of the projects I worked on at Amercan Scenic are at Universal Studios Hollywood. That experience landed me a job with Universal Creative in Orlando where I’ve taken projects from Concept Design to Design Development and into construction. My experience ranges from dark rides and queues to themed area developments, food and beverage, retail, meet and greets, interactives, and live shows. I have worked from the Blue Sky phase in Creative Studio to working on-site, giving direction to Show set vendors and Scenic painters. That field experience has gifted me with a breadth of knowledge that I have taken into my subsequent projects. 

I thrive in a creative collaborative environment where I work with Architects, Engineers, Art Directors, Illustrators, Writers, Operations, and Attraction Designers on a daily basis. I am a problem solver who coordinates well between disciplines because I understand needs from all perspectives. My design process evolves from research to sketching, drawing in CAD, modeling, and Photoshop. I am conscientious, detail oriented, passionate, and an invaluable asset to any team.
Outside of work my interests are dance, music, art, writing, movies, and traveling. I am on a constant search for activities that stimulate my mathematical and artistic mind.
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